Christmas family holiday: A luxurious stay and fun activities during the Christmas holiday


The weather in the Netherlands during the Christmas holidays leaves much to be desired for many people. Fortunately, it also offers a great opportunity to spend time with the family at a warm fireplace with a nice cup of hot chocolate while outside the rain gently taps against the window.

What to do during the Christmas holidays

So if you are wondering what to do during the Christmas holidays we have a great idea for you! Let’s visit Egmond aan Zee. We have to admit that the weather in Egmond aan Zee in winter is not like in Miami nevertheless Egmond aan Zee and the surroundings have a lot to offer during the Christmas holidays. The winter season has a lot of fun activities offering the perfect chance for a family holiday and a holiday with the whole family can be so heartwarming. In this article we tell you all the fun activities in and around Egmond aan Zee, even when the sun is not around.

The weather in Egmond aan zee in winter

But what is the actual weather like in Egmond aan zee in winter? The past few years have been less cold than about ten years ago, but as the wind can blow strongly along the coast, you can assume that it feels quite cold here. The average maximum temperature in November is 10 degrees. In December, January and February this is 6 degrees. The average precipitation is highest in November and then gradually decreases until the summer. There is a live webcam available to view the current weather on the beach. Since Maris Apartments is located on the beach, this corresponds well with the weather conditions of the apartment. Watch the webcam or view for the current weather report

Fun activities during the Christmas holidays

As you no doubt already know, Egmond aan Zee is located on the coast and has a beautiful and wide beach. Fun activities that can be done on the beach during the Christmas holidays include horseback riding, kite flying, kite surfing and getting a breath of fresh air via a beach and dune walk. And after all these activities, there is nothing better than coming home warm in an apartment that is equipped with all modern conveniences. A warm bath that is ready for you, the fireplace and a nice cup of tea or a good glass of wine that perfectly suits the weather and which you can enjoy at exactly the right temperature from your wine refrigerator. Sounds like a great way to spend your Christmas holiday, doesn't it?

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Fun events during the Christmas holidays

But we're not there yet because the area has more to offer than the activities just mentioned. There are a number of large events planned in and around the Christmas holidays that will make a great outing with the family, such as the beach race Egmond pier Egmond, the Proef Egmond foodevenement, the Egmond half (or quarter) marathon and the Fjoertoer. This last event, the Fjoertoer, may need some explanation. The Fjoertoer is a hike that takes place in the evening and where you get to know the history and culture of the area in a unique way (with the whole family). On this event you will see light and fire shows along the way and enough treats not to get too cold. The dates of all the above mentioned events in and around the Christmas holidays can be found below in a clear enumeration. For a good impression, check out the Fjoertoer Aftermovie 2018 here.

For those of us who prefer to stay indoors, there are of course also activities such as yoga and fitness. This way you will feel good and fit even with bad weather.

Trips during the Christmas holidays in Egmond aan Zee with bad weather

  • Horseback riding
  • Getting a breath of fresh air by means of a beach and dune walk
  • Kite flying
  • Kitesurfing

Events during christmas holidays in Egmond aan zee

What events are there in (and around) the Christmas holidays in Egmond aan Zee?

  • Fjoertoer - Saturday 30 November 2019
  • Proef Egmond food event - Saturday 16 November 2019
  • Egmond pier Egmond - Saturday 11 January 2020
  • Egmond half (or quarter) marathon - Sunday 12 January 2020

Free parking in Egmond aan Zee

The road to Egmond aan Zee is very well passable, and the Maris apartments are easily accessible. In addition, there is a private parking garage directly under the building with ample space for the car. Do you rent a Superior apartment? Then there is room for two cars in our parking garage. Of course there is no charge for parking. Free parking for you and your family, that's easy.

By public transport to Egmond aan Zee

Egmond aan Zee has no train station but has a reasonable bus connection. This is something that needs to be taken into account if you want to come to Egmond aan Zee by public transport. From Alkmaar, Heiloo and Castricum there is a bus to Egmond aan Zee. The times of the public transport to Egmond aan Zee can be seen on

Christmas offer

The December month already costs enough and therefore Maris Apartments offers a nice Christmas offer of 10 percent on every booking of a stay in the month of November, December and January. That is our gift to you to get even more fun with the family in these rather dark months. Because a week away, for example during the Christmas holidays, can have so much fun to offer regardless of the weather.

Not yet convinced of the activities? Check out the Maris Location page or the article Luxury holiday with children in the Netherlands for adventurous inspiration.  

Maris Apartments, holiday as holiday should be.

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