Explore the surroundings from a 5 star seaside apartment

The area has a lot to offer and a 5-star seaside apartment from Maris Apartments is the perfect out-of-the-box basis for an exploration.

  • Of course, activity number one is the beach. 

The beach offers plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind, but also to be sporty. For example, put on your running shoes in the morning and go running at sunrise. Don't feel like running? 
Then take your time and walk to Bergen and back. The view has amazed many famous painters.

Upon return, our apartment with sea view offers enough relaxation to relax from the walk. Settle down in one of our relaxed settings on the balcony, enjoy our Maris service or take a fresh shower in a spacious bathroom. 

Seaside apartment Egmond aan zee

  • A city break

A city break can bring so much fun and unexpected conviviality! That's why this activity is number two in our top 3 activities in and around Egmond aan zee this summer.

After a good night's sleep, you get up and enjoy your apartment with a view of the sea. Then you pack your things for the day, call the kids and go to the free parking garage of Maris at your leisure.

Bergen is a great start of the trip. When the sun is shining, this village conjures up a smile on your face. Discover one of the fine restaurants or cafes for a nice cup of coffee or delicious pastries. Do your children love animals? Don't forget the deer park. 

On to Alkmaar, the city of cheese. If you go on a summery Tuesday, you will find here the most delicious cheeses and cheese-related products. You will also learn a lot about the tradition of making cheese and the customs it has brought with it over the decades.

Alkmaar is more than just cheese, it has a beautiful church, the Grote Sint Laurenskerk and even a Beatles museum! Enough 
to enjoy a nice part of the day. 

5 star seaside apartment

For some, these are already two of North Holland's highlights, but for most, it doesn't stop here. There is also the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. You undoubtedly already know a lot about this and we would like to go into this in more detail another time, because there is so much to describe!

In the meantime, you might already be thinking about the balcony of the 5-star apartment with its sea view. Understandable but we still have an activity ahead of us.

  • Shopping

Shopping! Alkmaar, Bergen and Egmond aan Zee all offer a wide range of authentic shops. In 2017 Alkmaar was even voted the best city to shop in the Netherlands! That's why activity number 3 of this summer is shopping. 

Egmond aan Zee offers the Egmond plaza with a combination of different shops, each of which meets its own needs. In addition, there are a number of nice shops in the center such as a surf shop and a nice quirky jewelry store to find.

Bergen has a nice mix of shops, from luxury fashion brands to more playful children's clothing, fun to go along with the kids. Of course you can as a break from shopping have a delicious lunch by the sea! 

And last but not least, Alkmaar. To describe all the shops here would be too much, we are not going to do that. You have to experience it yourself! 
Maybe even during a nice cup of coffee in the morning you can make a schedule of all the shops you want to visit. 

Anyway, whether you go shopping, hiking, on city break or all three, when you come back to your 5-star apartment overlooking the sea of Maris you can look back on a successful time with your family and dream away at the thought of your next stay in Maris with the necessary luxury that entails.

See you soon! 

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