Luxury holiday with children in the Netherlands (In the most beautiful apartment)

"In Life it's not where you go, it's who you go with."

And that' s how it is! How fun and important is it to spend a holiday with your children?! In this article you can read why a luxury holiday with the children is so much fun, where you can go and what you really benefit from it.

luxury holiday with family the netherlands

Why a luxury holiday with children?

Research by scientists at the University of Toronto shows that children appreciate an experience as a gift more than, for example, toys. The reason for this is that, emotionally speaking, children have a more outspoken experience at a day in an amusement park or a holiday, for example, than when they get a toy car. 

Pay attention to the planning of your holiday here! Immediate satisfaction plays an important role when giving a gift to a child. If it is not possible to go on holiday immediately (understandable, although that is so much fun), a combination of a gift with the promise of a beautiful holiday with the children is of course perfect.

But let's face it, a luxury holiday with children is not just a gift to the children. Just relaxing and carefree enjoyment with all the space for the children to go about their business is even more of a gift to yourself.

A beautiful and inspiring example of a family on holiday is the family off duty.

Luxury holiday with kids in the netherlands

Luxury or basic apartment rental?

Renting a luxury apartment to spend a holiday with the children is a satisfying idea. Not only the space and facilities in the apartment but also the surroundings are very important. When renting an apartment, for example, make sure there is sufficient parking space. After all, you don't want to carry your luggage and the children have to walk a long way.

Also make sure there is enough space in the apartment to give the children their own privacy, both you and them should also be able to be alone for a while. A separate bathroom for the kids is ideal so that they do not depend on the bathroom of the parents when they want to shower on their own time or just want to relax.

What extras can you expect in a luxury apartment?

  • Plenty of space for yourself and the children.
  • Modern equipment that will provide you with all the conveniences you need, just like at home.
  • Design interior
  • Private parking (possibly even for several cars)
  • Multiple bedrooms and bathrooms
  • A welcome gift
  • The best service

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Luxury holidays with children in The Netherlands Egmond aan Zee

Luxury holidays with children in the Netherlands

Why should you start considering a luxury holiday in the Netherlands? First of all, think about traveling. Children can get very bored on airplanes, especially if toys or an iPad didn't come along in their hand luggage, and the situation could get worse if a fellow passenger gets annoyed after 6 hours of your kids playing and being noisy.

Many non-ideal situations can occur that can be easily avoided by a luxury holiday with your kids in the Netherlands. After all, the Netherlands has several lovely beaches with fabulous views, and with the changes in climate in recent years, summers are no longer what they used to be. 

Egmond aan Zee will surprise you with its wonderful landscapes and a spacious and clean beach where children can play and run freely, while parents feel safe and relax on the shoreline. 

The beautiful beach is only one of the myriad of activities that the surroundings of Egmond aan Zee can offer. To find out more about fun outings and day trips, read the 3 top activities of  Egmond aan Zee in the summer of 2019. A luxury holiday with children in the Netherlands can be incredibly diverse.

AUW! MY KNEE! Does this sound familiar to you? Children can sometimes hurt themselves while playing, sporting, or romping around, or worse still, get injured. While assuming that you won't end up in that situation, it's important that your family feels safe, and the Netherlands offers great medical care and support.

Planning a holiday with the children in the Netherlands will fascinate you. What could be more fun than enjoying some quality time with the whole family to return home rested, satisfied, and with a smile on your face? That is priceless!



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