Sights worth seeing in Alkmaar

Attractions in Alkmaar

Alkmaar is a city of cheese, football and traditional Dutch culture. The surroundings are calm and consist of far-reaching fields and canals. In the Sluispolder just outside the city there is a golf course. On the outskirts of the city, the Molen van Groot watches over the city. On your bike from Maris you will encounter the typical flat fields until you see the city. When the weather is nice this is a nice piece of cycling. Read on to discover our choice of sights in Alkmaar.


Sights of Alkmaar - Molen van Groot - Maris Luxury Apartments

De molen van Groot


Sights in Alkmaar:

  • Molen van Groot (The Mill of Groot)
  • AFAS Stadium
  • Kissing cheese girl
  • The house with the bullet from 1557
  • Big Saint Laurens Church

The Mill of Groot

The windmill of Groot is located between the 'Ritsevoort' and the 'Vrouwenstraat' on the outskirts of the old town. The mill is beautiful to see and well maintained. The mill is not always open for visitors so if you want to see the inside of the mill it is useful to first inquire about this. Distance from Maris: 12 km (20 minutes by car, 39 minutes by bike).

AFAS Stadium

For the real sports lover, visiting the AFAS stadium is a pleasure. The home stadium of the football club AZ has a maximum number of spectators of 17000. The stadium is easy to reach by car but parking can be difficult on a match day. If the weather is good the stadium can also be reached by bike from Maris. Distance from Maris: eleven kilometres. (18 minutes by car, 40 minutes by bike).

Kissing Cheese Girl

Ever kissed a bronze statue? I haven't, but if you are interested, this is possible in Alkmaar. And not just a statue, it is the symbolic Beemster cheese girl. The statue was designed by Gerard Velzeboer and made by Fabio Pravisani. Fancy some cheese after kissing? Walk along the nearby cheese museum. Don't forget to take a picture while kissing. Distance from Maris 11km (18 minutes by car, 40 minutes by bike).

The house with the bullet from 1557

Experience the history of the city during a visit to this monumental house in the city. The house owes its name to the bullet in the top left-hand corner of the facade. This bullet was shot by the Spaniards during the siege of Alkmaar. Eventually this siege ended, after the dikes were breached at the behest of William of Orange. A beautiful piece of Alkmaar's history. Distance from Maris 11 km (20 minutes by car and about 40 minutes by bike.)

Grote Sint Laurenskerk

The Grote Sint Laurenskerk is a household name in the city of Alkmaar. The monumental church serves not only as a church but also as a concert hall and event venue. The concerts vary from classical and baroque to neoclassical and modern. There is even a tattoo convention organized in this house of god. Not exactly a standard Sunday mass. The distance from Maris is about 10 kilometres. This is just like the previous sights about forty minutes by bike or 20 minutes by car. (20 minutes by car, 40 minutes by bike).

Maris Luxury Apartments near Alkmaar

All in all Alkmaar has a nice choice of sights. This makes Alkmaar a beautiful city to visit from Maris Apartments. When you come back in a luxury apartment of a day full of adventure you can enjoy the view over the sea in the evening. We wish you a pleasant stay. 

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